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Exploration Revealed is our hybrid magazine that aims to advance knowledge about, and provide peer-to-peer support for, scientific and adventure-led expeditions. It has been created with a view to learning through support, shared experiences, and the passing on of knowledge.

Watch our video with SES Trustee Briony Turner and SES Member Alicia Colson talking about the inspiration behind Exploration Revealed.
If you would like to join our editorial or peer review team, submit an article, or get involved in any way, please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!

Professor Alexander Finnen generously sponsors Exploration Revealed.
SES Advisory Board member Alex is a former soldier, diplomat, and academic, He has spent much of his life travelling and living in ‘contested areas’ whether in Lebanon in the nineteen seventies or the Western Balkans throughout most of the nineties and ‘noughties’. Now based in London, he continues to work and write on the various implications of the international community’s management of post-conflict, this includes the impact of conflict upon both nature and cultural heritage.

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