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Our Endorsement

SES endorsement adds credibility and legitimacy to projects or expeditions,
within the realm of scientific exploration.

We seek to unite with high-quality, innovative, and pioneering scientific exploration by endorsing independently-run expeditions and projects that meet the Society's aims and objectives. We encourage applications from everyone including former SES Explorer Award winners.

We have already reached our quota this year and cannot accept applications for expeditions and projects that commence before January 2025.

Our Objectives

To promote and support expeditions focused on scientific exploration in the fields of anthropology, archaeology, biodiversity, botany, economics, ecology, geography, geodesy, geology, geophysics, glaciology, psychology, history, human physiology, medicine, meteorology, sociology, topography and zoology. Expeditions will often take place in the more inaccessible and remote regions of the world and will aim to produce new scientific studies of the physical, social, economic, cultural, natural, environmental life of such regions or communities with the purpose of advancing knowledge of/research into, educational development, health and humanitarian support, medical aid and research or environmental, cultural, social awareness and support of those regions.

SES endorsed expeditions and projects are led by experienced explorers and professionals. There may be opportunities for SES members and friends to join as a team member.
SES Members and all other participants in this expedition do so at their own risk. They will not hold SES, its trustees, employees, volunteers, partners, or agents liable (whether in contract or tort or negligence or for breach of statutory duty or otherwise) for any loss, damage, personal injury, delay, or expense suffered or incurred on any such expedition. SES champions the aims and objectives of these expeditions and projects only.
An 'expedition' is of limited duration in the field.
A 'project' is a longer-term undertaking that may include one or more expeditions.
Scientific Exploration Society, Expedition Base, Motcombe, Shaftesbury, Dorset SP7 9PB +44 (0)1747 853353 
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