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Join a community of like-minded people interested in discovery, research, and conservation. Make new friends, learn new things, and share your experiences.

Free Talks

Admission to our full Explorer Series, and access to the recordings.
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Join an Expedition

Opportunities to join, or engage with, exciting SES Endorsed scientific expeditions and projects.

Attend Charity Events

VIP invitation to our Oscars of Exploration Explorer Awards Presentation Evening.
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Stay updated with scientific exploration and expedition news via the Scientific Explorer Annual Review, Exploration Revealed, and e-Newsletters.

Meet our Explorers

Join us worldwide, and learn from our fantastic community of adventurers and explorers about exploration, science, and conservation.
SES Membership - £65 pa (plus £15 joining fee)
Scientific Exploration Society, Expedition Base, Motcombe, Shaftesbury, Dorset SP7 9PB +44 (0)1747 853353 
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