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About our Explorer Awards

With the support of generous benefactors and members, SES has Explorer Award grants available for funding scientific expeditions. SES seeks inspirational leaders and scientific trailblazers who are organising expeditions that focus on discovery, research, and conservation.

Our Explorers must be prepared to take on monumental physical, logistical, and global challenges and share the values of grit, curiosity, integrity, and leadership that pioneers with a purpose such as SES Founder Colonel John Blashford-Snell exemplify.

Our annual Explorer Awards open to applications in January. 
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Our Explorer Award Criteria

2024 Award Criteria
Photo: SES Explorer Amber Carter
Sir Charles Blois Explorer Award
for Science & Adventure

An award of £5,000 and the title Sir Charles Blois Explorer 2024

Sir Charles Blois is a long-time friend to and supporter of SES. His passion for travel and adventure is unquenchable and on a par with that of SES Founder Colonel John Blashford-Snell CBE who he hails as his inspiration.

The Sir Charles Blois Explorer Award has been created to support a scientific adventurer and trailblazer. The applicant should be undertaking an adventurous expedition with strong physical requirements, in a challenging environment that aims to produce new scientific studies of communities' physical, social, economic, and cultural life.

Supported by Sir Charles Blois Bt.
Photo: SES Explorer Reza Saputra
Elodie Sandford Explorer Award 
for Amateur Photography

An award of £7,100 and the title Elodie Sandford Explorer 2024

Elodie Sandford was a highly regarded Honorary Vice-President of SES, a keen amateur photographer and participant in many of John Blashford-Snell’s expeditions.

The Elodie Sandford Explorer Award has been created by family and friends in memory of Elodie. The applicant will be an amateur photographer who partakes in an adventurous and innovative project and can demonstrate how their photography will be of real benefit to the people, environment, wildlife, fauna, or flora targeted by the expedition.

Supported by Family and Friends of Elodie Sandford.
Photo: SES Explorer Dewi Lestari
Judith Heath Explorer Award 
for Botany & Research

An award of £5,250 and the title Judith Heath Explorer 2024

The Judith Heath Explorer Award has been created in memory of Judith Heath, a longstanding member, friend, and supporter of SES, who joined John Blashford-Snell on expeditions. 

This award is to support an individual leading an expedition, the focus of which must be to carry out a scientific study of plants.

Supported by and in memory of Judith Heath.
Photo: SES Explorer Beki Henderson
Neville Shulman Explorer Award 
for Expedition Filmmaking

An award of £7,000 and the title Neville Shulman Explorer 2024

Neville Shulman CBE is an explorer, mountaineer, adventurer, author and long-time member and supporter of SES. He is personal consultant and advisor to film directors, producers and film studios and has a wide and varied interest in film, culture, the arts, and exploration.

This award is to support expeditions combining adventure and scientific purpose focusing on the intangible and/or tangible heritage. The applicant should be someone who has filmmaking experience and is either organising or closely involved in the planning of a scientific, cultural, or geographical expedition. The winner will produce a short film to communicate the expedition journey and results.

Supported by Neville Shulman CBE.
Photo: SES Explorer Scott Pallett
O'Hea Explorer Award 
for Occupational & Environmental Health

An award of £5,000 and the title O’Hea Explorer 2024

The O’Hea Charitable Trust have been supporting the SES Explorer Award for many years, and this year are funding a new Explorer Award. 

The trustees are keen to support a research expedition that is focused on occupational and environmental health, or educational wellbeing and advancement in the field. The findings of which must benefit workers, students and/or community health, and leave a legacy, whether it be through policy and/or practice.

Supported by the O'Hea Family.
Photo: SES Explorer Sarah Tubbs
SES Explorer Award 
for Inspirational & Scientific Trailblazing

An award of £5,000 and the title SES Explorer 2024

The supporters are looking for someone unique. The applicant should be an inspirational Scientific Trailblazer whose expedition has that special ‘something’, be it in terms of the nature of research, the legacy it offers, or any other inspiring aspects of the expedition.

This award may also support a scientific explorer who previously received funding from SES for their project or expedition and wishes to continue their research.

Supported by the Rowan Bentall Charitable Trust, Coleridge Family, David Prichard, and SES Trustees.
Photo: Raleigh International
SES Raleigh Explorer Award 

A 10-week expedition to Costa Rica or South Africa, and the title SES Raleigh Explorer 2024

In collaboration with Raleigh International and Operation Raleigh Alumni, we have launched the SES Raleigh Explorer Award, an initiative that will provide opportunities for young individuals from less advantaged backgrounds in the UK to embark on transformative volunteering opportunities abroad. With the Society's historical ties to Raleigh International through Operation Raleigh and Operation Drake, SES joins forces to break barriers, foster diversity, and strengthen the connection between SES and the Raleigh community. 
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