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James Kempton: Expedition Cyclops, New Guinea 2023

2022 SES Explorer James completed his expedition to the Cyclops Mountains, where he and his team collected biological and geological samples to discover new species and rediscover lost species; including Attenborough's lost echidna. 
His expedition report gives a brilliant account of this incredible expedition and its findings.

More Expedition Reports

Ettore Camerlenghi
Kerguelen, the Desolation Islands 
Ettore Camerlenghi Expedition Report
Charlie Walker
Lena River Arctic Peoples Project
Charlie Walker Expedition Report
Juniper Kiss
Sweet Potato Hunt
Juniper Kiss Expedition Report
Beki Henderson
The Green Abyss Expedition
Beki Henderson Expedition Report
Bethan John

Bethan John Expedition Report
Alegra Ally
A Journey to the
Origins of Midwifery
Alegra Ally Expedition Report
Craig Nuttall
Garhwal Mountain Rescue 
Craig Nuttall Expedition Report
Catherine Kim
Tara Bandu in Timor-Leste

Catherine Kim Expedition Report
Scott Pallett
Rangers First
Scott Pallett Expedition Report
Reza Pakravan
The Great Green Wall
Reza Pakravan Expedition Report
Charlotte Austwick
Voices of the Maya
Charlotte Austwick Expedition Report
Merlin Hetherington
The Arclight Cycle
Merlin Hetherington Expdedition Report
Eilidh Munro 
Voices on an Amazon Road
Eilidh Munro Expedition Report
Eleanor Drinkwater
Cash of the Titans
Eleanor Drinkwater Expedition Report
Christopher Poonian
Bedouin Coral Reef Fisheries 
Christopher Poonian Expedition Report
Molly Thompson
British Greenland Stauning Alps
Molly Thompson Expedition Report
Alexander Braczkowski
The Status and Conflict
of Large Carnivores
Alexander Braczkowski Expedition Report
Anirban Dutta Gupta
Jarawa and Honey

Anirban Dutta Gupta Expedition Report
Jamie Unwin
Stand up for Nature

Jamie Unwin Expedition Report
Andrew Whitworth
Exploration Sira

Andrew Whitworth Expedition Report
Aida Cuni-Sanchez
The Forgotten Cloud Forests in the Desert
Aida Cuni Sanchez Expedition Report
Stephen Spencer
Madagascar Medical Expedition
Stephen Spencer Expedition Report
James Borrell
Expedition Angano
James Borrell Expedition Report
Giulia Grimaldi
Diving the Russian Far Eastern Wilderness
Giulia Grimaldi Expedition Report
Unmesh Katwate
Freshwater Fishes of the Lost Island
Unmesh Katwate Expedition Report
Bertie Gregory
West Coast Wolves
Bertie Gregory Expedition Report
Ryan Burke
Gelada Monkey Study
Ryan Burke Expedition Report
Rachel Blow
Lemur Habitat Study
Rachel Blow Expedition Report
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